Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching Up.

     It's been a long while since I posted anything.  The truth is that, after the holidays, I gave up on my writing career and decided to focus my time working at my dad's dental office full-time.  BIG MISTAKE!  I quickly found that writing is like a drug, no matter how hard I tried to quit, I just couldn't.  There was this constant voice in my head that kept telling me to "Just write something!"
     Why did I quit you ask?  I became so disappointed and frustrated with the writing process that I decided that it was easier to make steady money at a "real" job.  I got tired of the rejections and waiting months for a paycheck.  I got tired of writing at night and getting very minimal done.  For the last three years, I had promised myself that I would have a novel finished by Fall that year.  Never happened.
     I must say that I got used to having my nights free to read and go to bed at a reasonable hour.  It wasn't until my dad had a long talk with me about my real career as he put it.  Even though he loved having me work with him down at the office, he told me that he didn't want me to settle for being a secretary the rest of my life.
     So, a few months ago, I put pen to paper and began working again.  I started sending out queries to magazines again, and when I received a rejection, I sent out another query.  Late last year, I put 9 chapters on a YA novel, and then I didn't touch it for quite some time.  Last week, I took it out of the proverbial drawer and began work on it again.  I figured I would start over from scratch, and so I started rewriting it from the beginning.  Two chapters in, I scrapped it.  I just couldn't see it as a book, and I had no faith in its potential to become one.
     So, instead of letting this little set back get me down, I went back and read some of my story ideas out of my journal.  I found a story idea that I thought my work, and spent two days mulling it over in my head.  And I am happy to announce that, late last night, I started work on a novel that I think has real potential.