Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Writing Life

  The Writing Life: Writers On How They Think And Work
   by Marie Arana
   ISBN: 978-1-58648-149-0
   Copyright 2003
   404 pages

     Essays gathered from the Washington Post column of the same name, Marie Arana has compiled a list of our most distinguished and beloved authors, who give us a glimpse into their personal life and more importantly into their life as a writer.  Included among the 55 authors are Joyce Carol Oates, Ray Bradbury, Patricia Cornwell and Jimmy Carter, just to name a few.
     If you are a writer or know a writer, then this will become a very cherished book.  Not only do you get insight from famous authors, but politicians, journalists, poets and playwrights.  These men and women not only have changed the literary world when they've put pen to paper, but they have opened doors and paved the way for future writers.  They've written stories, articles and plays that are a part of history.  Their opinions and creative minds were and still are an influence on not only their generation, but future generations.