Monday, June 27, 2011

Writing Apps For Your iPhone

     Earlier this year I finally got my hot little hands on the phone everyone has been talking about - the iPhone.  And I LOVE it!!!!  Now, as a writers we all know that inspiration can strike at any time, or we may be out somewhere, enjoying our surroundings and writing, but what happens when our muse leaves us?  Luckily, after a lot of hours perusing the app store, I found 5 apps sure to make my life as a writer much easier.

1.  Writing Toolkit ($3.99):
           This app empowers writers to be better at their craft, whether they write fiction or nonfiction.  The main page contains 14 icons - Questions, Punctuation, Writing, Plots, People, Places, Things, Scenario, Notes, Dialogue, Prepositions, iPod, Help and Tutorial.  So, whether you are a novice or a pro, this app will help you with the mechanics of writing, overcome your writer's block, tips on how to correctly use punctuation, creating new characters and locations, etc.

2. Writing Prompts ($1.99):
          This app includes 500 writing prompts!  Shake your phone or swipe your finger across the screen to change the prompts, which includes over 200 scene elements, 50 sketches, 10 colors and over 80 genres to choose from.  Find a prompt that you would like to use over and over again?  Then you can either text the prompt to your fellow writers or save it in your Favorite Prompts by tapping the text in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

3. Creativity Portal (FREE):
    Features include:
    1. News, articles, and free projects
    2. Prompts for bloggers and writers
    3. Inspiring stories and quotes
    4. Exclusive interviews
    5. Book excerpts
    6. Free printouts

4.  WriMuse ($0.99):
          Another writing prompts app that will give you creative writing prompts in either just a few key words or a full prompt.  WriMuse puts together a brief outline for a story or scene by combining character, location and a special circumstance.  This app includes several hundred MILLION prompts!!!!

5.  Storyteller ($1.99):
          This app is for combating writer's block and comes loaded with thousands of character ideas, plot suggestions, story settings, and themes.

Let me know if any of these apps have worked for you and if there are some out there that I may not know about.

Happy Writing Until Next Time!
Sara  -