Monday, May 9, 2011

Blood Pressure

     Blood Pressure is the novel I am currently working on at the moment.  It is a YA novel about a fifteen year old girl named, Denise, who lives with her fundamentalist parents in the small town of Churchill, Maryland.  When her best, and only friend, Karen slips her a copy of Interview With the Vampire under the table in their school's cafeteria, Denise is instantly hooked!
    Upon finishing the book, her interest in vampires doesn't stop there, she searches the Internet, looking for any information she can get on vampires.  One day she comes across the website for The Children Of the Night Coven - a vampire role-playing game, where the players meet and role-play being vampires.  After a month or so of talking with someone known as BlackRose18, Denise finally meets up with the coven.
     What was once a harmless obsession has now turned into a deadly game.  Because the Children Of The Night are not what Denise thought they would be and her first night with them was a nightmare.  When Denise tries to get out of the group after seeing that they've committed crime sprees, she is in a fight for her life.

     So far I am on Chapter 5.  Getting there, slowly but surely.  I plan on having a first draft done by late this summer and spending the Fall rewriting it.  I've begun listening to audio books, namely Stephen King books, read by the master himself, while writing my novel.  It has really helped me get into a rhythm and understand storytelling.