Tuesday, November 16, 2010

About Sara Jackson-fReado

About Sara Jackson-fReado

Monday, November 8, 2010

An Update Of My Chaotic Life As A Writer

I have to say it feels good to be a busy working writer.  Last month, I finished off six articles with three different magazines!!  I just signed up for the San Francisco Writer's Conference coming up in February, and because there will be all manner of agents and editors there, I have decided to bust my ass in getting a manuscript completed by then.  Impossible you say?  Me too!  But I think I can pull it off.  I've already got 3 chapters done of my YA novel "Blood Pressure."  I just finished up an article for American Fitness on Endometriosis and will get started on another article for Feline Wellness magazine.  Oh yeah, and I also have to have the revisions done on a horror script by Thanksgiving in order to start sending it out to possible buyers.

Like I said, being a working writer is great and a little tiring considering I do most of my writing at night, knowing I have to get up early the next morning for work at my dad's dental office.  But, what would make  it even greater, is the fact that I got paid on a timely basis for my articles, instead of having to wait months for the piece to be published and then a few weeks of begging for a paycheck after that.  Why must we writers wait so much?  I mean, isn't our life hard enough?  What, with having to sell ourselves and sometimes even our souls for work.