Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Life With Books Part 1

     While in the process of reading Pat Conroy's "My Reading Life," it got me to thinking how books have shaped my life.  Books have played an integral role in my life.  This topic will cover several blog posts covering the different stages of my life while growing up.
      My mom and dad were the first to introduce me to the world of books.  My earliest memories are of my parents reading me picture books such as The Berenstein Bears, Golden Books and much much more.  The Berenstein Bears were my favorite series.  They helped me with different scenarios growing up, including starting school, learning to share and play well with friends, my first doctor's visit and so on.  I remember one book very vividly and that is the one where the two cubs go to the dentist.  This book was especially special to me, because my dad is a dentist.
      From the age of four years old, I underwent reconstructive surgery, and I remember the Care Bears book where they were helping this little boy who had had his tonsils taken out.  My mom read that book to me at least a 100 times in preparation for my first surgery.
      When I was between the ages of 4-6, my mom signed up for this book club for kids, and every month I would get this huge box of books.  We would sit for hours going through them and reading them.  I remember the hardcover book of Alice In Wonderland (it had an orange cover), and my dad would read that book to me every night.
       My mom and dad paved the way for me to fall in love with books.  No matter where I was going, I always had a bag of books to take with me.  While other kids were content to run wild, or plop in front of the television to watch Sesame Street, I was content to pick a corner or a spot on the couch and lose myself in my books.  I remember that I wasn't content to just look at the pictures, but I longed to be able to read those books by myself.

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