Monday, October 17, 2011

Day Job Blues

     Like every writer starting out, I have a day job.  Though I do consider myself fortunate to be employed by my father at his dental practice.  I started working for him in December 2009, but started my freelance career in 2007.  I was lucky enough to get published with one of my first query letters, and have been writing pretty steadily ever since for other publications.
     This past year I've been busting my butt to try and finish my YA novel, "Blood Pressure."  I had a fantasy that I could finish a rough draft by this summer and have it sent out to agents by January.  WRONG!  I'm only on Chapter 9, and think that I will have to scrap the idea.  Maybe not, I'm hoping to salvage what I've written.  It's not bad writing, it's just a lack of research.
     Anyways, I've finally come to the conclusion that I won't have a book finished any time soon.  So, I've decided to quit pressuring myself and focus more on my freelance work.  And when the inspiration hits, I'll work on the book.  My main goal of course is to be a full-time writer and leave the dental biz.  I firmly believe that this is not a pipe dream; that I can achieve and WILL achieve this one day soon.
     My biggest fear is that I can very easily become complacent in my work at dad's and just be happy to do that full-time.  The money is awesome and I'm tired when I get home.  I sure don't want this to happen.  But I'm wondering if this happens to a lot of writers with day jobs, who are making more money there than with their writing.

Am I alone at this?  What do you do to push yourself more?

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