Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Changes Made For The Better

     As some of you may know, I had self-published a children's picture book titled, "Jack's Dreams Come To Life" with CreatSpace two years ago.  It was my first book ever and my first look into the publishing world.  At the time, I wrote the fictional story with my dog Jack as the main character, along with my other two dogs, Sadie and Jeep as secondary characters.  On April 15, 2010, it became more than a book, it became a tribute to Jack.  For this was the day he died after sharing 17 years of his life with my family and I.
     Two months ago I made the hard decision to split company with CreateSpace and cancelled my contract with them.  Despite my efforts and money spent on promoting my book, it sold very few copies; despite having had great reviews.  I know that what killed the eventual sales of my book was that it was priced at $12.99 for a 24-page paperback picture book on www.amazon.com.  The age range was wrong also, listing the book for 9-12 year olds!  I asked repeatedly that this be changed and everytime was assured that it was.  I realize that when self-publishing you get a bigger percentage of the royalties and that's great for maybe a novel or some other book of great length.  But I know that people balked at paying $12.99 for a picture book + S&H.
     Now I am in the process of rewriting the original manuscript into a much more different story.  My plan is to find another publisher and home for Jack and his adventures.  I am still working on my YA novel, "Blood Pressure" and hope to have a rough draft finished by July.

I will keep you updated on my writing ventures and journey to finding a new publisher.

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