Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Queen Of Twilight Review

Stephanie Meyer: Queen Of Twilight
Author - Chas Newkey-Burden
Copyright 2010
239 pages


     Stephenie Meyer's success is nothing short of extraordinary.  Growing up a voracious reader in a Mormon household, Meyer never dreamed that one day she would become a bestselling author.  Fortunately for her fans, she would one night dream about a young girl and a vampire lying in a meadow and that the vampire sparkled in the sunlight.
     Chas Newkey-Burden's biography gives Stephenie's "Twihard" fans an inside glimpse into the life of this wife and mother of three.  Though the book reads like the Reader's Digest version of the author's life, it manages to take us on her journey from woman with a dream to her status as a pop icon among 'tweens, teens, and adults of all ages.
     With only a set amount of pages to tell Meyer's story, Burden has a tendency to waste valuable text on repeated facts, statements and even whole paragraphs at times.  Waisted writing space is used up by occupying 5 or 6 pages with reviews of each of Stephenie's books; from different countries even!  One or two examples would have sufficed.  Since this book is largely dedicated to Meyer's backstory and the road her books in the Twilight series have taken as first a dream, then being on the bestseller's list to finally blockbuster movies, Burden burdens us with a whole chapter on Stephenie's book The Host, which has nothing to do with Bella and her sparkling vampire.  The last chapter is devoted to Stephenie's foray into the music video world and her treatment for the song "Resolution" by the rock band, Jack's Mannequins.
     The whole book reads like a twelve-year-old's book report on "Their Favorite Author," complete with summaries of each of Meyer's journeys through different parts of her life and milestones to who she is today, including quotes thrown in for good measure.
     On the whole, the biography is a good read for Stephenie's younger audience who just want to know more about their favorite author.

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