Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Money, Creativity, and Everything Else

It's been awhile since my last post, so here I am to impart some more words of wisdom related to my life as a writer.

Since September of last year, I've been working four days a week/5 hours a day at my dad's dental office. Though I'm grateful for the opportunity and most importantly - steady paycheck, I'm a little frustrated about my writing career. Okay, I'm VERY frustrated. I've been working pretty steadily for two magazines now for almost a year and love it!! I'm trying everything I know to get my writing out there and keep busy with assignments. But it never seems to be enough. The one magazine I work for is unable to pay their writers now, but I refuse to quit because it's a prestigious magazine in the horror film industry. Maybe money should be the motive for me to quit, I don't know. The hardest about writing is the waiting. We wait to hear back from editors, we wait to get published, and most importantly - paid! I honestly don't know how freelance writers are making a living at it. But I digress. My main concern is that I don't have enough time to land and work on articles and also write creatively. I have several short story ideas floating around in my head. I've got a novel I'm yearning to work on and another children's picture book manuscript that is in desperate need of rewriting before it can be sent out to a publisher. As for my screenwriting (what I went to school for), I've had several promising emails from a horror director that is reading my work and asking me for pitches. I've also sent one of my horror scripts in to a screenwriting contest. So we'll see. Fingers crossed.

Now this is where the advice from fellow writers comes in handy. How do I balance my "day job," creative writing and querying and meeting deadlines for magazine articles? Since I'm making steady, good money, should I give up entirely on my freelance writing and focus on my novels and short stories?

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  1. HI Sara-

    What hours of the day do you find yourself to be most productive? Is it possible to jiggle your schedule with your dad away from your productive hours, and dedicate at least another three hours each day to writing? That might make the difference! What about taking a weekend day to write? Also, don't forget about time off and its restorative power!!!!