Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Reading List

By late summer I will have moved in to the house that my parents built for me on our property. And for this special occasion, I have set a goal that involves a very ambitious reading list.

In one year's time I hope to finish the following:

All of Stephen King's books published (in order).

The Vampire Chronicles.

Let me know what your reading goals are.

I once read that Stephen King reads 80 books a year. That really is my ultimate goal. So far I've only been able to read between 20-25 books a year. Slow reader I guess.


  1. I probably read 80 or so books a year too. I read one to two books a week so I don't really have any reading goals for the year. Just want to continue to find great books that make me smile. :)

  2. 80 books? Wow. I think I'm like you, Sara: 20 to 25 a year. I would like to up that, though.

    Books I want to read this year:

    - (finish) The Picture of Dorian Gray
    - (finish) Little Women
    - (finish) Sense and Sensibility
    - (finish) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    - The Time Machine
    - The Invisible Man

    I'm not sure yet what else. Will have to think about that...