Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Musings

I'm a bit frustrated with my job as a freelance writer right now, but on the other hand, I really can't complain.  I've got four articles going at the same time.  Two are with the magazine Gorezone (of which I am a regular writer for) and I'm getting to interview the likes of Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, and Brad Dourif.  Sorry, I think name dropping is rude. But since these magazine don't pay on acceptance, they pay on publication, which means I'm not getting my paychecks for a very long time!!  I'm lucky to have such amazing parents, who support me financially and in every other way.  I'm eternally thankful to them.  They even funded my first book - a picture book titled Jack's Dreams Come To Life, which is available on  This self-publishing endeavor was a gift for graduating from the Academy Of Arts University in December of '09.  I knew going in how hard it would be to market the book, but I never really understood how hard.  I've done everything I can think of including promoting it weekly on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, this blog and on my website (www.sarajacksonwriter.c0m).  I even got it into a couple of independent bookstores on consignment.  A good friend of mine is helping me get the book into Barnes & Nobles. A rare feat for a self-published author.  Later this week, I'm sending out the postcards I was given with my marketing package to preschools, and daycare centers.  I'll be setting my sights on the libraries next.  

I enjoy my life as a writer.  It's everything I love - creativity, my own boss, and being by myself.
I guess the money will come eventually.  I don't want to or expect to be rich, but I would like to be able to support myself financially.  

Does anyone have any advice for me?

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