Friday, September 25, 2009

Never Enough Time...

I think this is the universal complaint among everybody, doesn't matter what age, sex, race, or what business you're in.  Nobody has enough time to do what they want.  Including me!!

I have a list of bookstores I want to sell my book to and that means driving.  I have a list of nursery schools and daycare centers in which to mail press releases and a copy of my book to for my picture book, "Jack's Dreams Come To Life."

I have four articles due to two different magazines.  (Yay me).  

Plus, I'm filling in for my dad at his dental office.  His office manager fell and broke her tibia and heel.

I've also taken on the job as a web designer and have the unpleasant task of knocking on doors asking small businesses if they want to set up a website.

I'm also working on writing a collection of short horror stories for a book I'm hoping to get published within the next year or two.

Not to mention rewriting another picture book manuscript waiting to be read by a potential publisher.

And rewriting short stories for contests and writing new ones.

Does anybody else ever feel like this!  Panicked?

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