Monday, August 31, 2009

The Not So Creative Side Of Writing...

I'm learning that writing for a living doesn't always mean creating vivid characters and mind blowing plots and such, but it means hustling yourself as a one man business to get yourself noticed.  I'm not complaining about the success I've experienced in my two short years as a freelance writer.  I'm working for my favorite horror magazine and recently was published in a very prestigious horror magazine - Fangoria.  I'm also a writer for Animal Wellness magazine.  I've made amazing contacts through my horror writing at the magazine with my favorite actors and directors in the horror business.  But as I'm slowly starting to learn, sometimes the creative part of writing takes a backseat, to the search for a steady income - which allows us to support our habit of writing creatively.

Does anybody else share this grievance?

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  1. Interesting blog that your have put out. Curious about Animal Wellness, lol.